Depending upon your interests, we might match you with a former ranger, nature photographer, naturalist, birder, hiking or fishing guide or many others. One thing they all have in common is that they are extremely knowledgeable about many facets of Yellowstone and they love to share their enthusiasm with others. Please see our list of guides below, their specialties and passions. Feel free to ask for any of them by name!

Meg Sommers

MegthumbMeg Sommers has been an outdoor enthusiast from early childhood. A resident of the Cody area since 1977, she now focuses her love for the outdoors on the Greater Yellowstone area. Through her digital photography she has found a way to share the beauty and grace of the area with others. Meg’s photography covers the full spectrum from landscapes and wildlife to flowers. A knowledgeable naturalist, her dual passions for both the Park and photography combine with her enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of it all to make her a popular guide. When not in the Park, Meg stays busy as a local attorney, part time judge and is active with extensive community service.

Specialties: Photography, wildlife observation, digital darkroom.
Please visit her photography website for more information.

Becky Aus

BeckysmBecky ‘landed’ in Cody roughly two decades ago. She and her family moved here as it was one of their many stops during her adventuresome career with the US Forest Service. She obtained a degree in Natural Resource Management from Humboldt State University and was delightfully able to put it to use in many wonderful places, including fourteen years on the Shoshone National Forest, neighbor to Yellowstone. “I’m ‘addicted’ to the outdoors, spending much of my time hiking, cross-country skiing, or just plain enjoying the breath-taking landscapes.

Specialties:  Natural sciences, wildlife, natural history, speaks German

Terry Dolan

terry-dolanthumbTerry Dolan has made his living guiding visitors in Northwest Wyoming for the last 22 years. He has enhanced the experiences of numerous hunters, fisherman, summer pack trippers, and winter visitors to Yellowstone. His passion for the geology, history, wildlife, and uniqueness of the area has been eagerly
shared with visitors from around the world for decades. Like most good guides, he still looks forward to that next great experience this area has to offer.

Specialties: geological history, wildlife and migrations, photography

Mack Frost

MackFrostthumbMack Frost has a passion for landscape photography and knows the best spots to photograph Yellowstone Countrys scenic views. Mack owned a photo store for many years, and he is skilled in digital techniques such as stitching multiple frames into 360-degree panoramas. Macks roots in the area run deep. His family moved to the region in 1885, before the town of Cody even existed. His friendly character has made him a popular guide.

Specialties: Scenic drives, photography, history.

Amy Gerber

AmyAs an avid naturalist and conservationist, Amy spends a lot of time outdoors, especially in Yellowstone National Park. Her passion for photography grew out of a love of wildlife. Amy moved to Wyoming in 1995 and was drawn to this area because it represents one of the last great wild places in the lower 48 states. What a great laboratory to teach high school biology in! In addition to shooting in Yellowstone, she also enjoys traveling to other parts of the United States, as well as exotic locations around the world, and photographing beautiful vistas and incredible wildlife. Amy is an avid birder.

Specialties: Photography, wildlife

Bob Richard

Bob RichardthumbBob Richard is a gifted storyteller who imparts his love of Yellowstone Country on every personal tour he guides. He inspires his guests with the legends and lore of the region based on three generations of family history. During his childhood on the North Fork of the Shoshone River, Bobs grandfather Fred showed him every mountain and stream and told him how it got its name. His father Jack Richard, the regions best-known photojournalist, passed on his love of the high country and taught Bob skills he still uses as a professional photographer. Bob has a broad range of knowledge based on his experience as a cattle rancher, military veteran, school teacher, civic leader and book author. His many years as a Yellowstone Park Ranger gave him the keys to unlock Yellowstones greatest hidden treasures.

Specialties: Photography, history, wildlife, geology, fishing, hiking.